5 Tips to Help Your Home Stay Clean Longer

1. Floors – About 80% of dirt in your home is the tracked-in from outside. If you set a doormat, the bristly kind, outside the door it will help to leave the dirt where it belongs.. outdoors! Also, dust settles into gouges and indents made by furniture on floors and turns into grime, making it tougher to clean. If you are handy, slice wine corks into disks and glue them to the bottoms of furniture and heavy structures/pottery, or buy the stick on adhesive felt pads for the bottom of everything.

2. Furniture – Keep a dusting cloth in various places throughout your home so you can grab it to dust furniture anytime you notice an accumulation. Patterned upholstery conceals dirt better than solid fabric. Also, wipe pets with a microfiber cloth or a specialty pet wipe every day to reduce the amount of dander.

3. Light Fixtures – Once a week or so, mist a few squirts (from a foot away for safety reasons) of room deodorizer on cool light-bulbs. The next time you turn the light on, the heat from the bulb will activate the scent.

4. Walls – Arrange furniture about six inches away from the walls instead of up against them, there will be fewer smudges from bumping to fix later. You’ll also have easier access to dust corners.

5. Window Coverings – Open and close your window blinds, curtains, shades, etc. often to displace dust from the fabric instead of letting it sit until you get around to cleaning it. When it falls to the floor, run a dust mop or wet paper towel over the surface.

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