10 Ways You Can Be a More Likeable Landlord

Property managers spend a lot of time behind a desk: working out rent payments, marketing properties, and handling paperwork. They may also spend time with tenants, on whom it’s smart to leave a good impression.
A tenant may love the property, but if he or she doesn’t like the manager or landlord, then the tenant is less likely to sign or renew a contract. But being liked isn’t everything.
In the long run, it’s better to have a solid marketing and rental strategy to support your property. You also need sufficient backbone to set strong policies and stick with them, even in the face of an intimidating renter.

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4 Tips for Finding World-Class Tenants for Your Properties

4 Tips for Finding World-Class Tenants for Your Properties
So, how does someone find more of the great tenants and fewer of the bad ones?
If you want to succeed as a landlord, you must do just that. You must learn how to discern which are world-class tenants to avoid renting to scumbags.
Well, today I want to share four tips for attracting word-class tenants.

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10 Ways to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Whether you’re hoping to ease your impact on the planet or just want to save a few dollars, reducing your energy use can help you get there. In fact, 10 percent of renters in a recent Rent.com survey said that utilities are their biggest monthly expense, coming in third after monthly rent and groceries.

Heating and cooling your apartment or home, especially those in regions with extreme temperature shifts, can be among the more expensive components of your utility bill. Luckily, making some easy adjustments in your home can dramatically reduce how much you spend on energy.

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